FaZe Banks Wiki, Age, Height, Biography, Net Worth, Girlfriend & More

FaZe Banks Wiki, Age, Height, Biography, Net Worth, Girlfriend & More: Ricky Banks or Faze Banks is a popular American YouTube star and also the Chief Operating Officer of FaZe Clan. He is the owner of the YouTube channel ‘FaZe Banks’ which has over 5.4 millions subscribers.

FaZe Banks
FaZe Banks

FaZe Banks Wiki

Faze Banks was born in Lawrence, MA on October 8, 1991, which makes his age 28 years as of now. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA along with his group of friends called the ‘Clout Gang‘. The house he lives in called the ‘Clout House’. He lives along with RiceGum, Alissa Violet, Nelk Boys, and many other social media stars. He started uploading a vlog every Sunday since a few months. He is currently one of the biggest YouTubers in the USA. Let us know about his youtube career.
YouTube career
Banks started his youtube channel back in 2017 on September 17. His channel was first called as ‘BanksHasBank’. His content at the beginning of youtube career was Gaming. He used to upload short length videos which used to contain insane trick shots of the game ‘Call of Duty’. Before joining the FaZe clan, Banks had a clan called ‘SoaR’, so he changed his channel name to ‘SoaR Banks’.

Later, after joining the FaZe Clan, he changed his channel name to “FaZe Banks”. The name was never changed again. He joined FaZe clan in March 2013 and he is still in the clan. At the time of joining the clan, he had around 45k subscribers. He hit 100,000 subscribers at the end of June 2013.

FaZe Banks Wiki

By the end of 2014, he had 300k subscribers for his channel. He got famous after joining a clan and playing together with his friends. He moved to the Clout House in March 2017. He hit 1 million subscribers in the middle of 2017.

After hitting a big milestone of 1 million subscribers, he changed his channel content totally. He stopped making gaming videos and started making vlogs and challenge videos. He continued making them till the next year of April. That’s when he introduced a new ‘show’ to his channel along with Keemstar. The show was called ‘Mom’s Basement’ and the first guest was Ninja.

Banks uploaded 4 episodes of Mom’s Basement episodes on his channel and after that, he stopped uploading videos for the next 6 months. For 6 months, he didn’t upload any video on his channel. Exactly after 6 months, he uploaded a video where he explained why he quit his youtube. Ever since he started uploading a vlog every Sunday. This continued till May 2019.

Currently, Ricky Banks has over 5.4 million subscribers with over 384 million total channel views. Below is the most popular youtube video on Banks channel.
He has been into 3 controversies till now. The controversies were with Jake Paul, Barley House & Tfue.

Jake Paul Controversy
It all started when Jake Paul made a video telling that his assistant was assaulted by FaZe Banks. After the video was published, the video went viral. FaZe Banks responded to this and said he don’t remember doing anything like that. He said that he might have accidentally hit her while dancing.

After that, he uploaded another video where he interviewed a Team 10 member, ‘Max Beaumont’. He confirmed that Banks didn’t assault Jake Paul’s assistant. By the end of the interview, we come to know that Banks didn’t do anything that was mentioned in the Jake Paul’s video. He had the security footage, but he was not allowed to share it publically.

After that video got public, Jake Paul lost around 200k subscribers and Banks gained around 1 million subscribers in a week. Recently, Ricky met Jake Paul and ended the beef between them.

Barley House Controversy
This incident took place in November 2017, when Ricky and Alissa Violet went to Barley House for Thanksgiving night. When Alissa went to use a bathroom, Alissa was attacked by two staff members. Then, Banks got into an argument with the staff members which led to fighting between Banks and Barley staff. During the fight, Banks broke the finger of his left hand and Alissa got an injury on her lip.

Barley House made a video regarding the situation and so did Banks. But, Banks was sued by Barley House because the Barley House had filed a Training Restriction Order which means that Banks couldn’t make a video responding to the matter. He was sued and was forced to delete the video. The video was already re-uploaded by many other channels and Banks was to pay fine for making the video.

Tfue & FaZe Controversy
In May 2019, Tfue sued Faze Clan for limiting his career opportunities. Tfue said that he was missing many opportunities because of FaZe clan. Tfue said that he got only 20% revenue from branded videos. Tfue also said that he forced to live in the Hollywood Hills with other YouTubers, he was also given alcohol before 21 years.

Banks responded to this and said all of these were false. He said that they took only 60,000$ from Tfue since he joined FaZe that too from a brand deal. He also said it was 0.1% of his total earnings.

Tfue made a response video for this incident. He said that allegations of being pressured to drink alcohol and do dangerous stunts. He said that he didn’t them to be in the lawsuit. After that, he wanted the FaZe to release the contract officially.

The official contract was later leaked online. According to the contract, Tfue gets 80% of brand deals, 50% of merchandise, 50% of brand deals, 50% of appearance fees, and 20% Prize Pools. Keemstar confirmed through FaZe that the contract was real.

Net Worth
FaZe Banks makes a good earning. His main sources of income are YouTube ads, FaZe Clan, merchandise. He makes around $30k every month through YouTube ads. His yearly earnings through youtube are around $350k.

FaZe Banks Age

FaZe Banks Biography 

Real Name: Ricky Banks
Nick Name: FaZe Banks
Age: 28
Date of Birth: October 8, 1991
Profession: YouTuber
Birthplace: Lawrence, MA
Current City: Los Angeles, CA
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Nationality: American
Father name: Not known
Mother name: Not known
Siblings: Not known
Girlfriend: Alissa Violet
FaZe Banks Girlfriend
FaZe Banks Girlfriend
Physical Appearance
Height: 6ft 3 inches (approx.)
Weight: 76kg (approx.)
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Light brown
Social Media
Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/banks/ (2.7+ million followers)
Twitterhttps://twitter.com/Banks (2.34+ million followers)
Snapchat: RickyBanks

Facts About FaZe Banks

–   Banks started his own clothing brand called ‘L00SE CHANGE’, which was a huge hit. He made a good amount of money through it.
–   He started a show with Keemstar called Mom’s Basement. He made 4 episodes of the show till now.
–   He has a YouTube group called ‘Clout Gang’.
–   He likes to get tattoos. His entire body is almost totally covered with tattoos.
–   He owns 2 dogs named Paris and London.
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