Angry Prash (Youtuber) Wiki, Age, Real Face, Biography, Girlfriend & More

Angry Prash is an Indian YouTuber who is famous for skits using animations. He makes comedy and mimicry videos that are filled with a lot of humor. His channel has currently 3.5 million subscribers and he is one of the biggest and most loved Indian YouTubers.

Angry Prash
Angry Prash

Angry Prash Wiki

Real Name Prashant Sharma
Nickname Prash
Profession Influencer/YouTuber
Age 24
Date of Birth 29 February 1996
Birthplace Pune, India
Hometown Pune, India
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu
College Not known
Hobbies Singing/Rapping
Famous For Comedy videos

Angry Prash was born on 29 February 1996 in Pune, Maharashtra. His current age is 24 and his real name is Prashanth Sharma. He was raised in Pune. He is a Mechanical Engineer. From a very young age, Prash always dreamed of doing something different and that’s when he found YouTube. He started uploading videos on the sole purpose of making money and nothing else. He didn’t do it fame or anything, he just wanted to do it a freelance work. As his work was like many people, he eventually got famous than he ever imagined.

He has never publically said anything about his family or his relationship status, so as of now, we know nothing about his family or relationship status.

YouTube Story
In 2016, he started watching YouTube and found out a channel ‘PewDiePie’ which he saw in his suggestions too many times. After seeing the suggestions of the same channel for many times, he checked his video. After watching the video, he liked the content. Then, he searched ‘How to make money on YouTube’ in Google and got to know that we can earn money on YouTube. At that time, he was good at designing and there was a software called “Siemens NX”, which was an automobile designing software. As he was good at designing using this software, he started uploading tutorials on his newly created YouTube channel. He used to get very fewer views, and he gave on that channel.

Then, he started a tech channel after getting inspirational from Technical Guruji. Since, every tech YouTuber reviews smartphones, Prash tried to be different by reviewing smartwatches as they are the next big thing. But, unfortunately, the channel failed to get views and eventually after some time, the channel got suspended due to unknown reasons.

The third channel, it was a gaming channel. He uploaded gameplay videos with commentary and this channel also failed to get views. After this, he started comedy and reaction channels and these two channels also didn’t get any views. After all of this, he started exploring YouTube and found out few channels, from which ‘CarryMinati‘ was one. CarryMinati’s channel was mainly about roasting and making fun of stupid things. Then, Prash got the idea of doing the same but with the animations. He wasn’t good at animations but was good at using the editing software “Sony Vegas Pro”. Since animation is hard to do, he got an idea of doing animations in MS Paint and edit them using Sony Vegas.

That’s when the character ‘Angry Prash’ was created. His first video was “Exam Bakchodi” where he took two characters for the video. The video had very good jokes and people who watched the video really liked it. Prashanth was really happy after reading all the positive comments and it motivated him to make more. Eventually, he started making more and more videos. He uploaded a roast video on the then-popular game ‘Clash of Clans’ and it was his first viral video. His channel got exposure after this video went viral. As he got a good amount of subscribers, he didn’t want to lose them by making a bad video. So, he started making skits. He started a series called ‘Halkat Call‘ which by far is the most favorite series for his subscribers. So far, a total of 16 episodes is released.

Prashant introduces different characters in his videos. Angry Prash is the main character and after that, he introduced Dumb, Majnu, Nagu, Chuda Anna and many more. People like every character displayed on the channel but Nagu is the most favorite character out of all.

So, after making 5 channels and failing to get any views on those channels. Prashant decided not to quit YouTube and made the channel ‘Angry Prash’ which was the best decision of his life. He would be happy for not giving up after failing 5 times.

Currently, his YouTube channel is at 3.5 million subscribers with over 370 million total channel views. An average Angry Prash’s video gets 3 million views.

Apart from this channel, he has another channel named ‘Prash Gaming‘. On this channel, he uploads gaming videos. He started the channel by playing PUBG Mobile and now, he is playing COD Mobile. He also live streams sometimes on the channel. The channel has 364k+ subscribers as of now.

Face Reveal
He didn’t reveal his identity publically till now and seems like it’s not going to happen anywhere in the future. The reason for not revealing his real face is because when he started making YouTube videos, he never thought of getting famous. He only wanted to post the videos and make money through them. Prash, a few months ago, made a video titled “The Biggest Reveal in India”, where the people expected him to reveal his face but he didn’t reveal his face in that video also. The video was an inspirational video of HowToBasic’s face reveal video. Prash was seen in the video but he had a custom made mask on his face.

Below is the video in which he ‘revealed’ his real identity.

Angry Prash income is hard to predict as most of his earnings are through brand deals. But, his earnings through YouTube videos are predictable. His monthly earnings are around $10k to $20k+ and annually he makes around $150k through his YouTube videos.

Social Media

Facts about Angry Prash

–   He came with the channel ‘Angry Prash’ as his content genre is Angry and his nickname at college was ‘Prash’.
–   He makes his animations in MS Paint.
–   His favorite fictional character is Spiderman.
–   His favorite actor is Ranbir Kapoor.

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